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Drill Tanker by saikais Drill Tanker :iconsaikais:saikais 0 0 Metelter by saikais Metelter :iconsaikais:saikais 0 0
Look around yourself
I ask the life
to have two eyes
so I could see
this magical world
I ask the life
to have a voice
so I could share
what I'm seeing
My final wish to the life
was to have
someone by my side
so I could share all those with her
I have been waiting
for a long time
and my final wish
haven't been fulfill
I stop to trust
in life
I stop to think
about it
After a bit of time
I realise that the life
haven't forget about me
It was my fault all along
because the life
has fulfill
all my wish
since the first day
she was by my side all along
she was helping me in every way she could
she was waiting for me to realise
that we were made for each other
© Saikais
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Cute Girl by saikais Cute Girl :iconsaikais:saikais 2 3
You can't always flee from them
I have been flying
since a bit of time
now I should land
but I don't know where
because everywhere
seem so wrong (x2)
I cannot decide
what I should do
with my life
and what should
I care for
so I start to fly
to flee from those (x2)
while flying on top of everything
I can see all those problem
that I will have to deal with
when I will land
and this push me higher
so I could forget about them
but I start to feel
like they are dragging me down
and bit by bit, I gain in speed
and I'm going to crash
has I hit the ground
this reality is overwhelming me
the weight of my problems
are too heavy for me
to lift and stand up again
so I'm getting crush
and I disappear
in this wilderness
© Saikais
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The future is always brighter
When I first met you
you were skipping class just like me
So we start
to see each other
as way more than just
little friend
We start to go out with each other
and already year pass
I may be not a smart kid
but I'm not so dumb either
so I realise that
you meant to be higher then this
So I start
to push you on top of me
so you could realise you dream
not so long after
you were already able
to stand up on your on
way higher then I could push you up
I may be not a smart kid
but I'm not so dumb either
Then I understand
that I was the one
dragging you down
so I decide for you own good
that we should
break up
It was really hard for the two of us
but we knew that this was
better for you
Right when I left you
you start to go
way on top
way on top me
I was watching you
from really far down below
you became our school president
then you climb
in the media
This is when I realise
that I was going out with her
when she was down there right by my side
It's already been 2 year
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The last word from a man

**Just to let you know, before reading it, this is not how I really feel, I just got random inspiration so I wrote it on the go**

Why I'm so alone today
I don't want to be alone
I would like to be like them
and have some fun with everything
I'm feeling sad
I'm feeling depress
cannot stand to be alone
All my friend are leaving me
going out with other's
and I stay home alone
several years as pass
since that first time
and nothing as change
and nothing as change
I tried to change
and to move forward
but I couldn't stand
by myself
so I stayed there
complaining about everything
going through my head
What if, I end this now
nothing will change for them
they are all together
and they all forgot about me
so they wouldn't realise
that I'm not there anymore
My head is getting darker by the time
I can't carry it anymore
All my good memories are gone
They will never come back
and now all I h
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